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Brandon Whipple is a proven leader for Wichita.

Brandon Whipple grew up in a working family. His mother worked as a waitress and father as a carpenter. They worked hard so he could be the first in his family to graduate college and the first to own his own home. 

At 21 years old, Brandon started his journey of public service by accepting a year-long AmeriCorps mission to work with at-risk students at South High in Wichita. Brandon discovered an affordable option to complete his education, earning both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Wichita State. He met the love of his life, Chelsea, and fell in love with Wichita and our way of life. Now, Brandon wants to ensure that Wichita is a place that continues to grow opportunities for his kids and the next generation

Whipple served as the ranking member on the Commerce, Labor and Economic Development Committee, and used his front row seat to craft policies that encourage growth and create jobs here at home. Brandon is known for putting partisanship aside when it comes to policies that help Wichita. And Brandon drives home nearly each night to be with his family and be available to his constituents. 

Wichita is at a pivotal moment.


We can continue to ignore our city’s underlying problems. We can continue to trust the same old ideas from the same old insiders. Or, we can look towards a new future for Wichita.


Brandon has the vision, experience and energy to create the best opportunities for the future of Wichita.   

Unfortunately, it has never been more expensive to live and work in Wichita than it is right now. The cost of tuition has doubled at WSU since Brandon attended. Utility companies continue to charge unreasonable rates and deface our neighborhoods. Taxes and fees continue to rise.


Brandon has led the fight in the Legislature to lower property and sales taxes, restore tax rebates and refunds for working families, stop increasing tuition costs, and double the money available for scholarships at WSU. 

Wichita is what we make it. Together, we will make a Wichita that works for everyone.


4455 S Washingon Ct, Wichita, KS 67216 

Tel: 316 290 9447

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